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Surviving something traumatic is not something someone forgets easily, and the impact can weigh heavily on their emotions. But with appropriate treatment, people who are struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, can work toward healing from the impacts that trauma has had on their lives. 

Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Maple Heights Behavioral Health provides personalized inpatient treatment for people who are suffering from PTSD. With the support of our expert team, you can rediscover hope for a better, brighter tomorrow.

Learn About Treatment for PTSD

Some people hesitate to seek treatment for PTSD because they are concerned others might think they are weak. But the truth is that anyone who has suffered trauma can develop PTSD, so having this condition does not reflect on a person’s character in any way. 

While many people believe that time can heal the damage caused by trauma, that is not always the case. PTSD does not generally go away on its own, so it is essential to get appropriate treatment for PTSD if you are struggling with this condition.  

There are many options for PTSD treatment depending on the type and level of care a person needs. At Maple Heights Behavioral Health, we offer acute inpatient treatment for people who are suffering from severe posttraumatic stress disorder. To find out what’s most appropriate for you, you may reach out to our professionals to get an initial assessment.

The Benefits of PTSD Treatment

Reaching out for professional support can be intimidating. But recognizing that you need treatment for PTSD is the first step toward changing your life for the better.

By working with professionals at a PTSD treatment center, you can start to process the trauma that you experienced. In doing so, you may also start to identify the people, places, or objects that might be triggering the distressing feelings or emotions that have kept you from functioning. Your care team can then help you develop healthy ways to manage those triggers so that they become less disruptive to your daily life.

Throughout your time at a PTSD treatment center, you may also find it beneficial to meet others who have experienced trauma and are struggling with PTSD. Developing these connections can often make the healing process feel less isolating. And some of the people you build relationships with may also become key members of your support network after you complete treatment.

Therapies Used to Treat PTSD

Trauma impacts everyone differently, which is why it is so important for each person to receive PTSD treatment that is tailored to their unique circumstances. At Maple Heights Behavioral Health, we individualize each person’s PTSD treatment following a comprehensive assessment of their needs and goals. 

Group therapy is the main method of care that we use at our PTSD treatment center. Our highly experienced team will personalize group topics to your therapeutic goals, so you might cover things like building life skills, learning healthier ways to cope, and medication education. 

Depending on your specific needs, your PTSD treatment plan might also include: 

  • Physical medical care 
  • Medication management services 
  • Detoxification services 
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) 
  • Family therapy 

We primarily use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you heal from PTSD. This approach can help you identify and change any harmful thought patterns that might be getting in the way of your success. Throughout your time at our Fort Wayne, Indiana, hospital, your care team will also encourage you to take an active role in your healing process, helping you gain a sense of empowerment in the aftermath of trauma. 

How to Select the Right PTSD Treatment Center

Your needs differ from everyone else’s, so the treatment you receive for PTSD should reflect those differences. For this reason, finding a place to get PTSD treatment that aligns with your specific situation is often vital to your success. 

When you start researching places to get PTSD treatment, these are a few things to look for: 

  • Does the facility use proven, evidence-based therapies? 
  • Does the facility personalize the PTSD treatment they provide? 
  • What levels of care does the PTSD treatment center offer? 
  • What is the PTSD treatment center’s therapeutic environment like? 
  • What are the credentials of the people who may comprise your PTSD treatment team? 

Choosing a place to get PTSD treatment is an important decision, and the choice of where you ultimately go can be life-changing. Make sure you thoroughly vet any PTSD treatment centers you are considering by asking questions about the care they provide and the team who delivers that care. 

If you have a trusted loved one or friend who can help you with this process, consider reaching out to them. Depending on your comfort level, they can help you make phone calls, do research, or come with you to tour facilities. This might make the decision-making process seem less overwhelming. 

Your struggles with posttraumatic stress disorder don’t have to continue restricting your life. With the support of the experts at Maple Heights Behavioral Health, you can get on the path to a more hopeful future. 

This content was written on behalf of and reviewed by the clinical staff at Maple Heights Behavioral Health.