Our Referral Process

At Maple Heights Behavioral Health, we understand the importance of collaborating with fellow healthcare providers to build professional relationships and gain referrals. Together, we can reach a greater number of people who need behavioral healthcare services. We value the partnerships we have established, and we are eager to grow our network of connections so that we can provide life-changing treatment for those who need it most.

Our Referral Partnerships

Our goal at Maple Heights Behavioral Health is to offer a level of comprehensive support that can help our patients find a path to improved health and long-term healing. Our team of experienced professionals delivers clinically excellent services for adults and seniors who are struggling with symptoms of addictions and mental health concerns. 

Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we are a trusted partner for many healthcare professionals because of our deep commitment to providing the highest standard of care. Referral sources we may partner with include: 

  • Hospital emergency departments  
  • Employee assistance programs (EAPs) 
  • Private therapists 
  • Social workers 
  • Primary care providers  
  • Court officials 
  • Law enforcement 
  • Self-referrals 
  • Family members or friends of patients 
  • Psychiatrists  
  • Community agencies 
  • Other treatment centers  

A Streamlined Referral Process

We have designed our referral process to be seamless and efficient because we know your time is valuable. To make a referral, you can reach out to our admissions staff any time, day or night, by phone, fax, or walk-in appointment.  

A member of our intake team will gather details about the patient and their needs to help us determine if our hospital is the best fit for them. We may request basic information, such as their contact information, demographic details, medical records, patient history, and other relevant documentation.  

If we accept the patient for admission, we can provide you with regular treatment updates if the patient gives permission. We will work with you and the patient to create an agreed-upon communication plan.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

When you refer a patient to Maple Heights Behavioral Health, you can feel comfortable knowing that they will be able to receive attentive care from a team of experts in an environment that fosters respect. We help each patient learn to manage symptoms that may have disrupted their life by teaching them effective strategies for coping.  

You can also rest assured that we do our best to ensure that each patient is set up for success when they leave our hospital. We work collaboratively with patients to develop detailed aftercare plans that can help them continue achieving milestones long after they have completed treatment. We will explore a variety of resources and recommendations with them, which may include follow-up therapy and viable support groups. 

If you would like to learn more about the services we offer, we invite you to join our continuing education events for professionals in the community as well as our recurring monthly lunch-and-learn sessions. These meetings will give you the chance to network with peers while also meeting our team. During these sessions, we can answer any questions you may have about the referral process or the programming we provide.  

We look forward to partnering with you and learning more about how we can work together for the benefit of our local community and the state of Indiana.

Living with a behavioral health concern can be devastating. But with the guidance of the team at Maple Heights Behavioral Health, you can start working toward healing that lasts.